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Cody Han and Blake Dimas produce a danceable brand of surrealist dream pop under the name CD Ghost. The pair have journeyed from the lo-fi glaze of their debut EP “Ghost Hunting” to the richly ethereal dream bops of subsequent EPs “Here It Comes Again” and “Dreams We Share”, with tracks such as "Undercurrent" and "Roll the Dice” earning them attention online.

Now the group joins Born Losers Records for their first LP-length project, “Night Music”. The project sees the duo expand their watercolor dream pop palette toward the edges and intersections of dark wave, avant-pop, and shoegaze. Written during a pandemic while the duo was split between L.A. and Beijing, the project reflects on solitude, change, and the passage of time.

Like their previous work, the LP is full of hook-laden, beat-driven lamentations that find a way to stick in your ears and make their home. This time however, the tracklist contains both the group’s darkest and catchiest songs to date. The LP was conceived as an ode to night, inspired by the musical tradition of nocturnes - songs written about or for the night. Experiencing the LP is akin to quietly sitting through the night, observing its changes and watching the rise of the moon as cool air begins to surround. “Night Music” is out 11/11/22.

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